House Concerts

So how about a concert in your own home, garden or small village hall


How could that work? It's simple really.


You decide on the space you would like to use.


You sell, let's say 20 tickets to friends and relatives who you think might be interested in attending a live, up close and personal concert with Two Coats Colder.  (The numbers would be dictated by the space you have available).


You could, but not necessarily so, put out some nibbles and a couple of bottles of wine/beer etc maybe.


We will supply : ourselves, minimal sound gear to make us heard and a copy of our CD for everyone to take home with them at the end of the evening.



Money matters = this would probably be different depending on your circumstances but we reckon that in your home or garden*, with a minimum of say 20 people with tickets at £15 which includes a copy of our CD, folks would be getting a good deal :-) as the CD is worth £10 on its own.

If you did the same in a small village hall either the ticket price would have to rise, or the numbers attending as the hall would probably need paying for.



*Garden Concerts*  =  we would require to be under some sort of cover owing to the uncertainty with the British weather