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Moment In Time                                                    Unseen Highway


                 NEWS UPDATE 3/12/20

Samples from our albums

Diamonds & Rust  / Moment In Time

Dinner for Two / Moment In Time

Borders / Moment In Time

Iron Horses / Moment In Time

The Kings Navy / Unseen Highway

Six Thousand Miles / Unseen Highway

Sailor's Tale / Unseen Highway

Mirage / Unseen Highway

"Love the album (Moment In Time).  Very assured in the way they play and sing. Great version of a fine song (Mary Ellen Carter).  Mike Harding, Mike Harding Folk Show, April 2017


"A very fine piece of work.  They have a distinctive sound of their own.  I can't imagine anyone not liking this ensemble."   4 stars R2  Rock'n Reel Magazine, May 2015


"Very Classy Stuff"  fRoots Magazine May 2015


"Unseen Highway" is an album that's very easy to listen to and very easy to return to because it's an album that teams with life, indulge yourself.  

Neil King, Fatea Magazine (2015)


That was one of the best Milkmaid nights we've had for a long time. The atmosphere was amazing, the audience singing incredible and you four were superb Terry Walden Milkmaid folk club (2015)


"Anna Bass's voice really is quite amazing.  Great track!"  (Six Thousand Miles)  Mike Harding, Mike Harding Folk Show, July 2015


'Pure, Honest, Beautiful Folk Music': Robin Mansfield, Cambridge Folk Club.


Two Coats Colder exude quality and retain a grip on the basics of music, which is ability to engage and entertain the listener. Alan Morley  UK Folk Music


I love how you manage to blend traditional sounding folk with new and exciting melodies and I really love the clarity of your vocals and the high quality music you make.  Chris Brown Radio Wimborne (2015)


UNSEEN HIGHWAY is an excellent piece of work an honour to play it on my folk show   Andy Bassett-Scott   Island Folk (2015)


 Unseen Highway is a brilliant album. It's one of those albums that transcends both traditional and modern folk music. The musicianship is first class and Anna has one of those voices that stay with you long after listening to it.

Colin Smith WFM 97.2 (2015)

Sadly tomorrow night - Friday 4th Dec 2020 at the Milkmaid Folk Club - should have been Two Coats Colder’s last and farewell gig as a four piece band. Obviously that now can’t happen. It has been a bit of a trying year for us to say goodbye in, having had most of the year's gigs cancelled. Of course life goes on though and we are all looking forward to some of life’s new adventures and challenges . David is enjoying family life, both here and in Scotland, plus concentrating on running his fabulous choir evenings; Chris has a covers band - plus he will still be doing some recording projects for himself and others, whilst Anna and Ray will be exhibiting their layouts at a lot more model railway shows and keeping a foot in the folk scene by taking on a few gigs as a duo (Bass & Taylor), if time allows it. We of course have some fabulous memories to keep with us forever and can’t really complain, we had a lot of fun over a good few years , doing things we never dreamed we could do. So a big "THANKYOU!" to everyone that gave us support and help along the way. Also a a very special thanks to those that have been to a concert or bought a CD, it’s very much appreciated by us all. Folky hugs to everyone and I’m sure we will all bump into each other again, somewhere down the line. Please stay safe and virtual hugs from Anna, Ray, Chris and David xx..... The photo is just one of those special memories from one of our appearances at the Fabulous Moira Furnace Folk Festival a few years back......... 'Oo-ray and up she bloody rises

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